Taylor Twins Review

Review: June 15, 2006, by Gabrio
Taylor Twins

When you see a hot teen which is walking in the street, you often get all warmed up and horny....but imagine watching TWO hot teens! I am telling you that since I want to present you the official site of Taylor Twins, they are 2 identical beautiful girls and this is their official site, take a look at the tour and if you want to know some more juicy details, follow me and read below!


Overall rating7.8

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So are you ready for this hot combo? I hope you are so let's take a look at what they got for us: at the top you have the usual header and then the navigation with these buttons: Home, Bonus, Friends, Guests, Journal, Pictures, Video and Webcam, then there is a welcome message from Missy and Mandee and then you have a few excerpts from their diary, each of the twins writes down her own stuff (they're twins but they do different things you know eh eh); at the right of the page there is a banner which reminds you about all the chats with the girls from the Phil Flash network and then you have links for their latest Galleries, Guest Models and Videos.

This time I wanted to start a bit in a different way therefore I clicked Bonus, on this page you have 2 sexy wallpapers with Missy, available from 1280x1024 to 800x600 screen resolutions and I have to say that she really looks cute in both. Then you have the link Friends which takes you to a page full of banners for other teen sites from the Phil Flash network but not only and then you have hot photo galleries with their friends just by clicking Guests, I am sure you will enjoy those chicks.

Time for their own content now, I clicked Pictures and you will find the full list of photo galleries with the sexy twins, each gallery has lots of photos and the layout of the thumbnail pages is pretty simple and quick. The full sized photos are very good and they also have a navigation at the top which lets you easily move to back or forward throughout the sets. The number of photo sets is really big and I think that they have lots of images with different sets, clothes, either outdoors or indoors - they had a set where they were both wearing tight jeans and you definitely have to check that out since they're smoking!

Off to the Videos, the layout is very similar, the clips have an amazing screen resolution of 720x480 and they are in .mpg format (good for both download and stream) and the selection is fine overall, I liked the video where they have white socks, undies and wifebeaters, make sure to check out that one!


These twins are definitely hot and it takes lots of energy to handle them! Their content is very sexy in my opinion and I also have the impression that they are having lots of fun by doing this site. If you want to interact with them, a good idea is to log on their site when they are doing the live cam shows and why not make sure to read their Journal where you get to know what's going on in their everyday life!

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