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Review: March 13, 2013
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Terri Jane

Terri Jane has some huge tits, and boy oh boy does she want you (and the world!) to see them. This solo girl site is fairly tame in what it offers, but there is definite appeal for certain people. If you're into softcore solo girls with humongous tits, this is going to be heaven for you. If you want more than that...well, you may need to keep searching. What's here is definitely made for a specific kind of porn hound.


Overall rating7.3

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I'll start this review by admitting that I'm a big tit fan. I love girls with big tits, so I was looking forward to reviewing TerriJane.com. She's an attractive brunette with a pretty face, a somewhat curvy body, and an absolutely huge set of boobs. I mostly like that look, so I thought I'd really like this site. I do...but not as much as I was hoping I would.

The good stuff first...Terri Jane is attractive. Big tit fans will like her. Even though she's curvy (size 12, according to the site), her breasts aren't "fat breasts." Many women claim to have big tits, but as the saying goes "big tits don't count if you're fat." That's not the case with Terri Jane. These are legitimately big tits. She's also really attractive. I can see where many guys will like her look.

Which leads to the main appeal of this site...it looks like it's mainly targeted toward fans of big-breasted women. However, there are also some guest models on the site, and there is a fair amount of content that includes them. While Terri Jane is all about tits, the guests are pretty diverse in their looks...so I'm not sure what the target audience is.

As far as content, it's a mix of videos and pics. The resolution on both is good (video maxes out at 1280x720px, while photos max out at 1200x797px). The flash streams were a little slow for me, which was frustrating at times. Navigation was simple and easy... a positive for the site.

So, overall, the content has some decent talent, and the technical quality is ok to good. However, I have trouble giving this site a rousing approval... mainly because it's all softcore. Many men are ok with that, and big tit fans may love this site. However, if you're more into hardcore, the appeal for you here is limited.

Amount of content: 28 videos and 60 photosets
Update frequency: Daily
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720px
Video types: flash and mp4
Photo resolution: 1200x797px
Available for mobile: No


Terri Jane.com is a tough call for me...this is definitely a mixed bag. I can see where Terri Jane herself would appeal to breast men, and adding in a few other guests may broaden the appeal a little. The technical aspects are decent enough, even with the slowness of streams. However, if you are looking for hardcore you won't find it here. Softcore glamour is what this is all about. If you like to see a chick with large breasts posing and playing with them, with a few "normal" guests thrown in, the price is probably right. Hardcore fans...look elsewhere.

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