Tribal Male Review

Review: May 23, 2011, by Bigbrownbeaver
Tribal Male

This site is easy to get around and the videos are many here on It is a huge gay fetish site with videos, and even audio stories you can download and listen to. All the material is exclusive to this site. It is a large site and from appearances and no comments for most of the content it has to be a new site. It appears to be a big site, that is ready to go!


Overall rating7.5

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Once you are in the member area of, you can travel by the tabbed top on the home page. Home, movies, tribal talk, lore, showcase, guide, forum,store, gear, dating, reviews and service. A click will take you to any of the sections in the site.

Much of the content here is a history of gay movies and their development through the years and the vast assortment of movies here is like a chronological history of gay men. There is plenty to see and enjoy here, The movies are downloadable using right click and save as. Or you can just stream them from the site to watch.

The movies are well done, the remastering of the older ones helps them look vintage and not just amateurish. There is plenty of action and horny sex in these movies that the viewer will find entertaining and even some history in it. You will see how gay men have changed through the years, but the opinion by most hetero people has not. There is room for the members to comment on the scenes, a forum to talk on as well come with the membership here.

Beware if you have a weak stomach. There is a lot of violent scenes in these movies especially rape scenes where someones backside is getting brutally punished by another. Master/slave, S and M and lots of other rough and sometimes bloody rape scenes and violence in general. But it is a chronological story of gay history that even a straight person should watch for the educational view.

In one of the sections under tribal lore, there is an interesting article about bandannas and what they represent when worn in the gay community, they are not for gang recognition, only for signals among the carriers as far as what they are into, available or not, top or bottom etc... In the showcase there are artists exhibitions to see that are well done and worth a look. The movies that are quite dated, they are reconstructed as best as they can be, some are grainy and the lighting isn't the best but, still worth a look.


In conclusion, tribal is a site made to open eyes of anyone who wishes to check it out. It is history through movies and written word that you can hear in the audio section. There is something for everyone here including the raunchiest movies anywhere! It is all exclusive to this site and easily viewed. Membership is reasonable and there is a trial of 2 days before you need to commit to the site.

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