Tricky Agent Review

Review: November 13, 2013
Tricky Agent

There are a number of "fake porn agent" sites on the web, and it's getting harder to differentiate between them all. The Dirty Flix network jumps on the bandwagon with a new-ish offering called Tricky I wouldn't say there's much that sets this hardcore offering apart from the crowd, so it may come down to whether or not you like the talent, energy, or the way the site plays the theme. I found the site fairly pedestrian, although I think it has potential for improvement.


Overall rating7

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I was looking forward to reviewing Tricky Agent when I saw it in the FreeOnes queue for review. I've always enjoyed the "fake agent" genre of porn websites. Most of them are phony, but it's easy to get in to the whole thought of a girl being corrupted or fooled by some guy, and doing something she wouldn't normally do for a little cash. It's especially good when it's either real, or well-acted.

Tricky Agent is a tough one though. First off, it's European (I think Russian), so as an English speaker, I couldn't really get in to it as much as I might normally have. There are subtitles, but you lose a lot in voice, tone, etc. It is almost certainly not "real" but it does look like it's fairly well done, and has some realism to it. It's a mixed bag from the get go.

The setup is basically a guy wandering the streets of whatever Eastern European city that this is based in, and approaching younger girls about "modeling." Next thing you know, the girl is in this guy's office, being talked in to sex on camera for a little cash, and a shot at being a star. As above, it doesn't appear real, but it appears real enough for the viewer's needs.

The site is a middle of the road, and the talent matches that dynamic. There's nothing really bad here, but I also wouldn't say it's fantastic either. Honestly, once I saw a few girls, they all started to look the same; there's not much variety there. The action in the scenes felt the same way. It's good, but far from great, and it all started to feel the same after a few scenes.

I will say that the site has some nice organizational and technical aspects. It's easy to get around, with some solid sorting tools. All the content streamed quickly, and downloads were fast as well. Resolution on content nicely done here.

Amount of content: 26 videos
Update frequency: 3-7 times a week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Video types: wmv, mp4, flv, 3GP
Available for mobile: Yes

Conclusion is tricky; and hard to judge. It's not bad, but it's not great either. I also don't know if it gets the job done. There's not a lot here yet (26 videos), so that doesn't help. I like the site's technical and organizational backing, so that makes for a decent experience. The fake agent thing is ok here, and the talent is ok as well. Access to the network is nice, so that makes the price palatable. That said, I'd wait til there's more here to join.

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