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Review: January 10, 2011, by Steve
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Tricky Masseur

The girls of Tricky Massage think that they are going to get just that - a massage. But they are going to get a lot more than that, usually crammed into their tight pussies! These masseurs sensually work these naked beauties into a frenzy by massaging them nicely, before deciding to ask them to pay them for their services with a good hard fucking. These babes certainly were not expecting an internal massage!


Overall rating6.8

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There are currently 25 updates on this site, all containing videos and galleries, and the site is already updating several times a week! I think that once you get past the initial confusion caused by the members' area here being shared with the rest of the network, you will find this to be a site that navigates really well. You can browse easily through all the girls that make an appearance on the site and network, and all of the sets of content are dated, making it very easy for you in that regard. The content for the network is divided into excellent categories as well.

The videos here are all available to download in .WMV and .MP4 formats, with a Flash streaming version also available on all. You will find the .WMV versions offer the highest quality versions here playing at 1280x720px. The image galleries that accompany the videos are screenshot galleries that are available in a ZIP gallery download, with these images also sized at 1280x720px. There were no DRM restrictions on any of these videos though.

I have to say that the girls of are not too difficult to trick! In fact, I think if this site had put as much effort into making these videos slightly more realistic as it had into making the girls looking as gorgeous as possible then it would be even better. But as far as new sites go, you couldn't really ask for much more from this site with its regular updates and already impressive batch of content.

Pretty much all of the scenes follow the same pattern with them starting off with a pretty sexy and nude massage before things, probably too quickly, turn hardcore. And on some occasions they turn VERY hardcore too, so it's fair to say that many of these girls are not the amateurs you might suspect. All the babes are European so expect them to be VERY cute, and all of the action tends to be very good as well. It would be nice to see some variation at some point, but this site is coming along impressively.


Whether or not Tricky goes and becomes the high quality site its early stages would suggest remains to be seen. The scenes are all quite similar at the moment and I think they do need to mix things up. But a really impressive rate of updates coupled with some HD videos and a well presented network package means that this is a site that you may well want to keep a close eye on.

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