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Review: June 21, 2011, by Steve

Twinkylicious is a gay hardcore porn site that is the brainchild of acclaimed director Afton Nills. He is ready to bring you the sexiest and cutest twinks around in some of the naughtiest hardcore action that he has ever made. All this and more is ready for you to check out on this site, and they have even been kind enough to throw in a quartet of other gay hardcore sites for you to additionally enjoy!


Overall rating7.3

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There are 28 episodes currently available on this site, and as it has not updated since September 2010, it is unlikely that number will be improving any time soon. Obviously disappointing news, but the site is at least very well presented. I was especially impressed by the numerous different ways that you could browse all the content here in its index - you can adjust the amount of thumbnails per page and the suchlike. You can also switch to the other sites in this network very easily indeed and, by way of additional excellent feature, there is even a drop-down menu of categories of content on the network.

The video options were also quite excellent. They give four different Flash streaming options, with the highest quality of these playing in high definition at 1280x720px. There are also four different .MP4 downloads (also including a 1280x720px HD download and a low quality version for mobile and handheld devices) and two .WMV options. All of them are for full length videos only, but are still very impressive, and the download speeds were very fast. The photos only come in one size, usually 1000x563px, and all galleries are available in a ZIP download file.

You rarely get a site that gets almost everything right with its presentation and user interface like manages to - so how did it fare with its content? Asking it to hit the same heights might be unfair and certainly it was disappointing to see that the site updates no longer. Of course, if the content here did turn out to be fantastic, you are then left with the problem that you will see no more of it!

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) the content also manages to be very good indeed. All exclusive, and throwing in enough variety with the types of guys they use and also with the occasional threesome to show off, it really is a good collection and would have been the basis for a very good site indeed. So why did they stop updating? No idea, but all the other sites in the network are still updating, so it's not all bad news at all.

Conclusion is a quite tremendous site in almost every way. It is sad that it will never fulfil the promise that it once showed with it having ceased updates a good while ago, but this site does not put a single foot wrong in any other way, and that really is quite some achievement. If you like the look of the bonus sites, and they are similarly themed to this one, then I would not hesitate to recommend this.

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