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Review: March 2, 2010, by Steve
Watch Our Wives

Watch Our Wives is a newly revamped site that features the dual swinging adventures of hardcore housewives Tracy and Double Dee. They are here to take you on a tour of their sexual adventures, and the adventures of their other horny milf friends. They have become renowned for their 'members parties' where they invite their site subscribers to join them for a gangbang, and it is regarded as one of the most interactive hardcore sites currently around.


Overall rating7.5

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Revamped though it may be, I saw plenty of elements to the navigation and organisation of this site that could do with being fixed. I like the way that the two main ladies are given their own sections or sites, and indeed the tour was really well designed and presented. It doesn't really translate to the members' area though. Too many links open in new windows, for a start, creating quite a juggling act after a while. The actual text and layout of the site makes it hard to know what section you are meant to be in, and it takes a while before it gets any easier. Additionally, they should probably have clearer and fuller update information on show.

The video and photo options here are unpredictable. You don't seem to get a uniform set of options across this site. On the most recent videos they seem to be mostly using .WMV format, but I did see Flash and .MPG files used at various points too. The highest resolution videos I saw played at 640x480px. In terms of the photo galleries, some were available in .ZIP file downloads and others were not. Unsurprisingly, the image sizes varied depending on the gallery.

Considering its recent reported 'revamp', if they had been working on the navigation here then they need to keep working on it - it's too fiddly and it makes life far too hard here. The last thing any site wants is to be producing good quality porn and then having members flocking away because they couldn't untangle themselves from the way the site was set out. The fact is that IS producing good quality porn right now, and has been doing so for over a decade now.

The interaction and dedication to pleasing subscribers here puts 95% of other sites to shame, I would say. With requests regularly fulfilled and fantasies satisfied, you get a really top quality array of group sex and some single one-on-one hardcore action too. The extraordinary thing is that even with hundreds of videos and photo galleries on board, no-one's enthusiasm seems to be waning and they still seem to be having a great time.


Watch Our Wives is deeply flawed in its presentation - and almost flawless when it comes to the content. That will certainly provide you with a tormented time when it comes to deciding whether to become a member here, especially if swinging milfs in outrageous hardcore action is your bag. Ultimately though, you will learn to deal with the navigation and layout here in time, so my advice to you would be to totally go for it.

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