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Review: August 10, 2006, by Gabrio
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Are you looking for a sexy chick who made lots of homemade porn photos and videos? If your answer is yes, then you have find your one stop, and that is Naughty Julie's site. She is fairly new to the industry but I believe that you are going to love her site, since it's filled with lots of hot hardcore material as you can see from the tour of her site! Keep on reading for the full review below!


Overall rating7.2

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The main page of the members area is full of info, at the top of the page, under the header we have these items: Home, Journal, Photos, Videos, Live Cams, Bonus, About me, Faqs and Contact then you have a search box where you can input any search and that is a pretty good thing if you ask me.

Now if we scroll down the page we find a welcome message and then you have My Latest Updates, for each update you have a preview screen shot together with a very detailed description of what is going on, and it seems that the material is very juicy as far as I can see! When you go over Photos with the mouse, you get a drop down menu which lets you browse the different categories which are available and they are: all, solo, girl girl, group girl, boy girl, group sex and scrap book. I have checked out solo, the page which opens within a few moments have several hot photo galleries.

Each photo set has a very detailed description and this goes for all the sets that are available in the site, the thumbnails are looking very good in my opinion and when it comes to the full sized images, they are looking hot and I think that Julie is sexy and cute. Her solo galleries are many and you will love watching her as she fucks herself with her dildos in both her pussy and not forget to check out all the other categories as well!

Off to the Videos, the main link opens a sub menu like the Photos' and I have checked out Boy Girl, she really has a passion for blowing fat cocks, there are no doubts about that! The video clips are available for low and high bandwidth and they are in .wmv format; when it comes to the speed, they were downloading at about 68-70 k/sec which is very low for my adsl connection, usually I download at around 600-800 k/sec so keep that in mind. There are other cool features such as Live Cams, Naughty Extras that you definitely have to check out.


I have appreciated the way that content was organized in this site although I was very disappointed with the download speed that was awfully low and these days you can't have such low speed, so that was bad. When it comes to the very content however, the material has a very good quality and they have hot extras as well you should not forget. Julie is a hottie that loves to appear in front of the photo and video camera!

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