Rocco Siffredi Review

Review: October 8, 2008, by Gabrio

Rocco Siffredi is probably the most famous male porn star ever, and other than that he is italian....the main page of his website's tour is classy and you can quickly see that he featured lots of movies to date and you can find all of them inside the members area so we are just a few clicks away! Take a look at the tour and if you want to know more keep on reading below!


Overall rating8.2

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I was proud of doing Rocco's site review since he is italian and so am I and he's kind of a legend, I even remember a few years ago where he did this funny commercial about chips and they were saying like "I did try all the chips in the world" but in italian that sounds more funny....because the actual word potato (patata), is often referred to pussy! Ok after having given you a little inside about italian language we can proceed with the site's review...the members area login button is located right at the top of the page and within a short while it takes you inside.

When you arrive in the main page of the site you will see a pretty clean the top of the page you have the stats of the network this site is affiliated with and they are quite impressive: Available Content Number of DVDs: 95 Total hours: 838 Total Content: 812 GB. Then you have the links for his main menu which are: Home, Movies, Store, About, News, Links and Support. First thing you see is the most recent video scene and then you have a slide show of his top extreme hardcore scenes and if you go over with the mouse you can stop the presentation and pick the one you want.

After those there is a box About Rocco, Latest News, another link for his official store, a mailing list for the latest news from the site and finally you have a list of the recommended sites from his network of adult sites. I clicked the most recent update from Rocco's site and in the next page that quickly opens you have the DVD covers and then you also have a trailer clip in flash format and its quality is quite nice and in the lower half of the page you have the actual downloadable links.

What I noticed was that fact that not all movies were available and for some you have to wait an XX amount of days till they become unlocked and movies can be either watching in streaming or download. I checked out the streaming clip and there was this video taking place in Ibiza, the video was cool and with the player you have also the option of having a special on-screen menu.

NOTE: Rocco Siffredi is the winner of an 2009 AVN award for: Male Foreign Performer of the Year

NOTE: Rocco Siffredi is the winner of an 2009 AVN award for: Best Director


Watching the master in action ia always cool....RoccoSiffredi and he is famous for his extreme performances and for always being "the man" with the girls. Inside his members area you will find a rich collection of videos - quality design - and lots of bonus stuff available from his bonus sites as well. God only knows how many girls this man had sex with. I liked its interface for watching the streaming video clips.

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