Young Cum Gulpers Review

Review: November 22, 2007, reviewer Gabrio
Are you ready for your daily fix of hardcore teens? Then you came to the right place since inside the members area of Young Cum you will find these pretty young ladies that can't resist to suck dicks all day, and isn't that cool? As you can see from the preview photos that can be found on the tour, they are not shy of showing off their skills for the camera ;-)

Ok folks, time for the young fuckers again, I gotta admit that I was browsing a site with articles from online girls and there was a blonde chick that was looking like the first girl they have on the tour of Young Cum and watching that slut made me really horny....the members area of this site loaded up very quickly and I love speed (not referring to last friday though lol) and the first page appeared like a flash and that is simply great.

The main page is very simple and at the top they have this sexy header with girls blowing dicks....then at the left side of the screen you have the following: Main, Exclusive Sites, Bonus Video Feeds, Bonus Photo Feeds, Bonus Games, Sex Shop and Help. At the top of the body of the page you have the Recently Added Videos, each one has a small preview image and when you click on it, you will be taken to a new page where you see a few screen shots of the scene and then under it, you have the listing of the episodes that are online and available instead.

For each episode you have both photos and videos available and they also tell you when the site has been added to the site; the video pages have a nice layout because at the top they give you info about how to download the clips and things like that plus all vids are available in high and low quality respectively. I checked out the first sexy teen girl they have on the page and she is really hot and horny and I really do not understand how she can fuck with a guy as ugly as that, probably it was a matter of money!! Each video has small parts available and at the bottom of the page you will find the links for the overall movie and I have to say that I had to download this scene since it was awesome - download speed was fine too.

Speaking about the photos, it's easy to jump to the photos since they are linked from the video pages, layout looks good although they don't have the links for the .zip downloads, photo quality is good.


These teens are wild sex nymphos that need to have their daily sex fix, EVERY DAY and that is a good thing if you ask me. YoungCumGulpers is presented in a nice way and browsing goes fast too, you will enjoy the videos, whether you watch them in streaming or if you download them on your hard disk - the amount of content could be bigger since there are just 3 pages of horny teens videos.
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