1 Girl, 4 Feet Vol. 1

Released at: December 23, 2019 by GKA Productions
Ginary is hungry for feet and Mia Anabella and Megan Jones are giving her an all-you-can-eat buffet! Ginary licks all over their large soles and sucks all twenty toes. The girls relax and enjoy as Ginary deep throats their feet, even shoving two feet in her mouth at once. Lydia Black is hungry for feet and she has two perfect pairs to devour! Aaliyah Taylor and her lovely long feet are joined by Ashlynn Taylor and her petite feet to relax and enjoy Lydia's sexy foot worship. Lydia licks all four soles and sucks all twenty toes covering both girls' feet in her saliva. Gia Love hungrily devours Lizzy Lamb and Orias' sexy feet. She licks their soles and sucks their toes, making all four feet drip with savory saliva. The girls lay back and enjoy, flipping over to their bellies for a bit to give Gia another angle and a nice view of their asses. They return to their backs to watch as Gia stuffs her mouth full of their feet. Nikki Brooks loves having her feet worshiped by Goddess Lilyth. This time she's invited a new friend, Amazon beauty Mia Vallis, to join her. Mia is impressed by Lilyth's wet tongue and the way she sucks their feet like a cock. The girls lay back and relax as Lilith licks every inch of their soles and sucks on their toes and heels until their feet are dripping with saliva. They turn over to give Lilyth another angle to worship and a nice view of their asses then roll back over to watch her stuff her mouth with both of their feet. Alexis Rain's wicked step-sisters, Angelina Elise and Jaden Dawn, have had a night out dancing and parting without her as usual. They come home with tired, sore feet and holler for Alexis to come and tend to them. Alexis reluctantly removes their shoes and is taken aback by just how much their feet stink. She gets to work rubbing, licking and sucking on her sisters' sweaty feet. The girls are surprised and impressed with how good Alexis has gotten at worshipping their feet. Alexis is proud of her skills and shows off by stuffing as many feet in her mouth to gag on as possible.

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Gia Love

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