100% Amateur #11: Milk & Honies

Released at: April 3, 2002 by Odyssey
**Milk & Honies** The babes in these amateur video vignettes fall into two lust categories: Two of them are performing for the amateur camera for their very first time, and the other two just happen to be lactating! Young Cassidy sucks rod and exchanges rim-jobs with Rico, them squirts her titty milk on his dick and licks it clean. In her very first am-vid appearance, incorrigible fuck-slut Sandra Dee gets all three holes nastily reamed by three studs. Vanessa's boobs shoot huge volumes of milk everywhere as she works over black and white guys. Gorgeous blonde Terry enjoys multiple-position banging, a big dick and loads of semen in her virgin DVD experience. Wet, creamy sex is the order of the day.

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