A Matter Of Taste

Released at: May 13, 2009 by Girls-Boarding-School
It is summer holiday at girls-boarding-school. It is sunny and warm outside and one of the tutors, Mr Lewis, is relaxing in the garden beside the pool with a glass full of cold beer. After a few moments of relaxing, the telephone makes Mr Lewis leave the garden for some minutes. During the meantime, one of the girls from the school, Lisa, appears in the garden. Lisa is a tall and slim young lady, with long dark hair, which for day is tied up in cute pig-tails. Lisa is dressed in tight shorts which perfectly show the shape of her firm, cute bottom, and a small white top, leaving her belly bare. Lisa is looking around and finds a tempting glass of beer just sitting there at the pool-deck. Lisa can't resist and decides to take a taste and taste it again and again... Just some moments later, Mr Lewis returns to the garden ready to relax again. He can almost not believe his eyes when he finds the glass of beer half empty. But, it takes him just a few seconds to understand the situation. He calls for Lisa, the only girl at the boarding school for the moment. Mr Lewis explains the mystery of the beer to Lisa. She says can't help him with the solution tothe problem. She denies that she has been drinking any beer, cites that it is forbidden at the school and swears she is a good girl. After Mr Lewis smells her breath, she confesses. Lisa knows what is to come next. She is not surprised when Mr Lewis tells her to take her shorts off. She is soon standing with her hands on her head at the wall, dressed in her pink, sexy underwear, a the small white top and a pair of pink/grey sport shoes. She is sent inside the house to wait for Mr Lewis... and her impending punishment. Lisa is standing inside, nervously waiting, afraid and ashamed. She is already beginning to regret her bad behavior. When Mr Lewis enters the room, he is furious. He controlled his temper outside, but now, Lisa is about to be taught a lesson. After just being yelled at, she starts to tremble and snivel. Soon she has to take her knickers off and stretch out her long, slim and beautiful body over Mr Lewis knee in the leather couch for a long and painful bare-bottom hand spanking. Lisa is crying, begging and kicking with her long well shaped legs while her bottom is transformed from white to pink to a stinging red. After the spanking, Lisa is made to stand with her hands against the open-fire-place, her bottom out and her legs apart. She is crying, sniveling and rubbing her red and tender bottom. Her punishment is not over yet! Mr. Lewis is still very upset and he unleashes more punishment with a long, severe dose of the leather tawse. Lisa is crying out loud, naked, broken, humiliated and defeated. She will NEVER steal beer from Mr. Lewis again.

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