Alex Arden J/O Pantyhose #2

Released at: February 14, 2008 by Playtime Video
This Jewish Princess is back to get you Off! Big Time! Red, Black, & Nude Pantyhose Scenes! Lots of J/O Talking Too! Alex can bend and pose like no Other! 23 year old beauty, Alex Arden came back to tease you Pantyhose lovers again! Alex tells you to touch yourself wile she displays her shapely legs in red, sheer to the waist, pantyhose under her plaid mini skirt. Great up shots as she lightly rubs her legs and ass letting you know how good it feels. She takes her heeled sandals off so she can suck on her toes through the reinforced nylon of the hose. Top off to expose her 36D black lace bra holding up her big tits. A strip to just Pantyhose as she tells you to stroke it for her while she rubs herself before she strips for you. Next scene, Alex tells you to come into her bedroom while she lifts her long black skirt to let you see her round ass encased in black, sheer crotched Pantyhose. "Look up my skirt." She purrs as she shows you how to stroke for her. Lying back on the bed in just Pantyhose she rolls around rubbing and caressing, begging you to stroke it. You will beat off for her! Lastly, the Pantyhose come off (just like you) as you have a full view of her pouting pussy that you have to see. Next scene, you get to see Alex in a black, short, cocktail dress, black heels and best of all, suntan sheer to the waist Pantyhose with sheer crotch. She talks to you lightly and sweetly as she strips down to just those Pantyhose. "Stroke your cock!" she says as she gently rubs her nylon covered trimmed pussy. Nice over the camera views. The Pantyhose get pulled down her to her ankles as she finishes you both off. Nice, sweet, and in Pantyhose! Hot!

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