Ally, Pink & Wet

Released at: July 18, 2005 by Billie West Productions
18-year-old Ally is riding her exercise bike looking mighty fine. She gets thirsty and grabs her bottle of water looking at the balloons on the floor. Ally takes off her work out outfit and pops some balloons for you having a great time sitting on them naked. Then she pours water on her breasts and on her hot pussy cooling it off. She spreads and fingers her self-showing you her nice pink and wet pussy. Next Ally is in bed wearing nice purple panties with a black bra. She starts playing with herself and teases you with her underpants. Then off they come to show you her nice swollen pussy lips. She definitely is a keeper. This teen is one sexy girl. Off comes the bra and she plays with her nice firm breasts getting really excited. She spreads and fingers her pink and wet pussy then turns around and spreads her ass showing her cute little button. Then she grabs her gold vibrator and fucks her tight box in and out. The camera gets in real close as she has a great wet orgasm. Then Ally grabs her pink anal beads and shoves them up her pussy then pulls them out one by one. This is the only video 18-year Ally ever did, so please enjoy.

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