At Her Feet Vol. 1

Released at: September 20, 2022 by Domestic Femdom
3 classic scenes 25+ Minutes of Action. Featured in this collection are the following clips: Foot Bitch to Devon Breeze: Devon Breeze has a new foot bitch to try out. Firstly she invites him in, before he gets to the feet he must start by kissing her beautiful Louboutin shoes. After a satisfactory job with the shoes, he can then move on to kissing her stockings - she's had them on all day, they smell a bit. She removes the stockings and rubs them in his face before finally allowing him the treat of her feet. She teases him with her beautiful feet including teasing his cock with her feet, just to signify he is her foot bitch now. Bath Time worship in Latex: Bath time for Lady Valeska. Here the magnificent Lady Valeska is bathing in a full latex cat suit. What would be perfect to accompany her bath time is a sub at her feet - so she calls one in to at first massage her beautiful feet before moving onto giving them some love and worship. A Stocking and Foot Reward: Despite think she'd messed up the job interview, Georgie Girl is pleased to find out she got the job. She's obviously pleased and thinks she'd been a bit too premature punishing her flat mate - so decides he could have a reward. First he starts with kissing the shoes again. They were wished good luck on the way out - and now can be kissed clean after the walk across town, through the train station - some areas they've walked through are less nice than others. Then, the stockings. Sniffing, kissing and sucking the socking clad feet. The stockings that have been worn as she walked - that have just a bit sweat about them after slightly warm offices and dashing for the train. The stockings are removed and wrapped around his neck and face. And finally, the feet. The delicious feet of his Dominant flat mate, sore and sweaty from a day in heels. He's enjoying the reward and pleased for his flat mate. She smiles as she sends him away, "That's enough for today - don't want you getting too greedy!"

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