At Her Feet Vol. 3

Released at: October 1, 2022 by Domestic Femdom
Mesmerised to Love Feet ----- Miss Wildfire is horrified. Someone has applied to be her house slave, but he doesnt like feet! Serving foot on command is not enough, he must love and appreciate them. But, he just seems not interested. He does generally seem fairly useful, but this wont do. So. The intelligent Mistress has an idea. She invites him to play a game. And, she produces a watch. And soon his eyes are following the watch and he is mesmerised under her spell. The trigger is implanted and on awakening he cannot get enough of Miss Wildfires feet, simply devouring them. The results are staggering. Summoned for Foot Worship ---- It's a hot day and Devon Breeze is... well... rather hot and sweaty. As she lays topless showing off her beautiful arches, she wants someone to come and worship and give them such love. Calling in a devoted foot sub, he comes and savours the hot summer soles of the stunning Devon. Invited onto the bed he gives passionate kisses, licks and sucks her beautiful feet; helping her feel relaxed and... maybe getting a little bit excited herself. Upside Down Foot Tease ----- Mistress Valleycat has their slave restrained to a wheel. Knowing the slave has a foot fetish, Ms Valleycat taunts him with the toes, placing the foot up towards his crotch and teasing, knowing he can't go anywhere. Perhaps there is an option to become closer to the feet. Time to spin the wheel. Worshipping feet whilst dangled upside down - can the pleasure of the feet take the mind off the rush to the head? Or will being upside down be too much of a distraction to enjoy properly? Foot Sluts Put to the Test --- It's already been a long day. Foxtress and Mistress Annaliese have had a very busy morning and now need to make use of some subs. This is the very first time Miss Annaliese has filmed, her very first scene! So it makes sense to put the subs at use where it's needed most. This was filmed in July during the heat wave in the UK. It was a very hot day, and the ladies have had a very busy morning. So, first, the subs must kiss and worship their boots, clean off some of the London grime. Then - it's time to take off the boots. Peel off the sweaty socks. Time to treat the feet. To kiss and worship and clean the sweat from the feet, and massage out the pain. While the boys are busy at work, the ladies taunt them by starting to make out. The boys can't even enjoy as they have to be obedient with the feet!Mind, Miss Annaliese seems a lot happier with her sub than Foxtress does with hers! It's a honour to have a debutant on board; we're thrilled to have Foxtress back and there's more to come from both of them!

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