Attitude Adjustment 4 - Riley Jane

Released at: January 26, 2022 by Universal Spanking

The Attitude Adjustment Series is all about hard spanking without a story or a script, it's just pure punishment on a bare bottom until a girl has a hard time sitting down for days to come! This edition of 'Attitude Adjustment' features Riley Jane, and her round bottom is lit up with a wide variety of implements. The video starts with Riley stripping off all of her clothes and getting a taste of what a breast spanking feels like, which is then followed up by a long belt whipping that warms up her beautiful bare bottom. Next, the prison strap is brought out and Riley takes a long strapping that has her struggling and pleading aloud, unfortunately for her, she still must face several other implements including the wooden paddle with holes.

Wooden paddles really do sizzle a bare bottom, and the holes in a paddle not only make the swing faster, but they also tend to blister behind as well! Each swat takes a little more out of Riley, the wooden paddle really brings out the tears too. There are still four more implements to go on her naked bottom, but before that Riley takes a double-cropping and spanking on her large breasts. Riley had never felt the rubber strap with holes, and later she'd describe it as the "most harsh" spanking implement that she'd ever felt! That strap burns, and it makes a girl regret holding onto a poor attitude. The Lexan paddle with holes came next and having to take more swats brought about even more tears from Riley, she had cried a lot, but thankfully redemption was at hand. Her final strokes came from two different canes, they both had a profound impact, leaving Riley with searing hot red buns, and a newly adjusted attitude!

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