Aurora Snow Pantyhose

Released at: May 13, 2009 by Playtime Video
Aurora Snow is so sweet and eager to please you in a slinky black dress that hangs off her breasts and sheer to waist nude colored pantyhose. She props her ass up on the kitchen table where she serves you sexy up skirt shots of her pretty nylon covered pussy. Aurora giggles while she teases you with some hard ass spankings before she instructs your jerk off session. The dress comes off and the pantyhose are pulled tight in your face before coming off. Just home from the office Aurora is ready to talk to you about your work time fantasies. She takes you right up her plaid skirt to the very pink under her sheer black pantyhose. She wants to know what it is you do there in the men's restroom when you see her walk bye. Her pantyhose are so sheer you can see her pussy glisten with wetness as she guides your sick fantasies with sexy talk and a strip tease to nude. Aurora is a sassy bitch that knows how badly you want her in her shiny grey pantyhose and sexy silver dress. Well too bad. You're going to have to work for it this time. It's all about her now, so pay attention. Do as your told and cum on her feet and lick it up. Now follow her voyeur instructions and show her what she wants as she strips for you and tugs at her pussy before allowing you to play with it all. Your giving girlfriend is all dressed up in your favorite dress, diamond heels and shiny nude pantyhose. She's ready for you in the bedroom and she is extra naughty for you. Sexy slow movements and dirty head games will have your cock in your hand for hours. Not to mention the bedtime tease games as it all comes off.

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