Babysitter 20, The

Released at: August 12, 2010 by Notorious Productions
Tiffany found it odd that her employer wanted to take pictures of her. Especially nude ones! It was kind of creepy but ended up being a lot of fun when he shoved his dick up her ass. Mr. Thomas' usual babysitter was on vacation with her parents so he had to have one of his neighbor's sons watch his kid. Bad idea. Next thing you know, he's got a whore in his house. This girl may not have any babysitting skills but damn, she can ride a cock! Mr. Thomas was really happy to have his babysitter back. So happy that when got home later and found her asleep he just had to beat his cock in happiness. Then she woke up and pleased his cock even more! One night while babysitting, little Jazmine was greeted with a surprise by her baby's grandparents. Looks like they wanted to do more than just spend the night. What's a babysitter to do when confronted by both grandpa's cock and grandma's cunt? Why jump right in and get a fuckin' and a suckin'!

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