Babysitter 8, The

Released at: March 29, 2002 by Notorious Productions
**4 Tales of Babysitting Lust!** The other night when the Haskells' came home, Mr. Haskell pinched Jodie's ass. It's a good thing Mrs. Haskell didn't see. Now a day later, Mr. Haskell has his cock up Jodie's ass in the kitchen. After wrecking her car Bobbie has to take a babysitting job to pay for the repair work. It's a good thing she found this nice neighbor who is willing to "advance" her some money. How will she ever pay him back? It can be boring work, babysitting. All alone in the house when the baby's asleep. What's a girl to do but diddle herself. But his little babysitter gets caught with her finger in the cookie jar, so to speak. Needing money, Alana, a college student, takes a job watching a couple of strange children. She never knew just how strange it would get, or how much cock she would run into.

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