Bad Girls: Young and Curious

Released at: May 23, 2022 by Bang Teen Pussy
Don't be fooled by the look of sweet innocence in their eyes. The girls in this sordid little escapade are sluts to the core, and they'e more than happy to prove it in front of the camera. Hardcore young slags like Vikki and Mandy, who clearly love nothing better than to feed on dick and take every inch going up their hungry holes. Indeed, they seem to get off on the fact that they're nothing like the homespun cherubs that their folks always wanted them to be; even to the point of relishing having their arses pummelled unmercifully for everyone to see. No doubt about it, you'll be yanking on your cocks like never before courtesy of these babes. Not least of all when you get to see their pretty little faces splattered in hot spunk!

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