Balls Deep 4 (Anabolic)

Released at: May 14, 2002 by Anabolic Video
Scrumptious Aussie import **Jodie Moore** becomes the shrimp on the skewer of Lexington Steele. This sexy senate candidate graduates from being just another down under politician, to a bent over tasty shrimp on the Barbie! Beautiful Canadian natural wonders **Kimberly & Judy Star** team up against the "Boy Wonder" to represent our northern neighbors Anabolic style. Both whores take it up the ass, do Ass to mouth, and complete their tryst with a romantic cum transfer finale. The scene was super-powered by the inexhaustible Iceman Erik Everhard. Runway model turned Porn-slut, **Cashmere** shares her Nubian fuck hole with "the Black Bastard" himself, furious and unbridled passion are captured in this Balls Deep flesh feast!!! According to Lexington "absolutely nothing feels better than Cashmere"! Built like sex superheroes, **Sara Jay & Danica Gray** look like two porno-poster pinups as they explode all over "the man of Steele" in an all out fuck battle extraordinaire. Remarkably, Lexington survived, although these two were quite a handful and surely they have left their mark on our Super Hero. Gutter-mouthed superslut **Jessie J** is imported from jolly old England, she unleashes her passionate ways on 3 of Anabolic's cocksman. She does an incredible run of Double Vaginal, Double Penetration, and Ass-to -mouth, this incredible anal assault display is sure to make many an Englishman proud (Minister Blair should surely approve!) Canadian sex goddess **Shyla** descends upon the "Dynamic Duo" of Erik & Lex in a fuck bout o epic proportions. Anal, Double-vaginal, ass-to-mouth and Double-penetrations delivered by this blonde nymphet are 100% Balls deep by definition. Once again... Oh, Canada!

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Judy Star

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