Beautiful Lies

Released at: May 19, 2005 by Sin City
Shay believes that revenge is totally sweet! Emily is an artistic erotic photographer whose life is as perfect as anyone could want, until one day her happy little world all comes crashing down when she discovers that her loving husband Armand has been cheating on her. Through the lies, deception and the shattered dreams rises a new young woman named Anais who Emily finds incredibly attractive. Sparks of lust and desire fly between the two beautiful young women as Emily is transformed from a loving wife into an insatiable sex starved animal whose lust and desire for sins of the flesh have taken complete control of her life. From the wild girl-on-girl encounters in the photo studio to the sizzling hot late night rendezvous with the modeling industries most notorious lovers, Emily finds herself trapped in a seductive web of sex, sin and the lies that will change her forever.

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