Beauty and the Beast

Released at: August 6, 2008 by Gourmet Video
Beauty and the Beast is the Sex Freak Circus of the Century! A collection of rare and extraordinary cases presented to you by the Platinum Princess Seka. You won't want to miss her erotic encounter with Mr. 17 1/2" himself, Long Dong Silver! You'll be shocked to find out the inner secrets of Sulka -- America's well-hung superstar transsexual! You'll meet them all in person: Seka, Long Dong Silver, Fiona Flaps, Moby Dick, The Boston Batwanger, Sulka, Heavenly Angel, Davida, The Transexuals of Paris and The Short People. In our never ending quest to bring you the bizarre, the erotic and the unusual this is a classic collector's edition. You'll view the most extraordinary events of sexual of sexual abnormality ever seen on tape, derived from our exhaustive research undertaking.

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