Bi For Now 2

Released at: March 9, 2022 by BiPhoria
Everybody has experienced the wonder of 'the vacation friends' at least once in their life. You see it works like this -- you and your significant other go on a trip and get a little crazy and meet another couple and do all sorts of things you would never even consider if you were at home. Kind of like when you talk to somebody on an airplane you don't know and tell them anything and everything. You will never see them again so who the hell cares what you say. Well here is a story of what happens when the 'vacation buddy' shows up and you weren't expecting it. Apparently Draven Navarro experienced a little man on man action on his trip with his wife Charlie Valentine down in Mexico thinking it was a one time thing. They met a young sexy man named Hatler Gurius who really opened them up sexually. Draven later felt slightly ashamed for crossing what used to be a taboo line of bisexuality and came back to his straight life in America. Well guess what -- he's in your house fucking your wife and expecting to do you again too. What do you do in this situation? Draven is confronted with this conundrum and seeing how much his wife is into decides to give in to absolute pleasure and experience the warm waters of bisexual passion once again. It's kind of nice being able to suck a cock and fondle someone else's balls. And dammit having a fat cock up your ass just feels good. Charlie is in heaven with her two bi men as she gets lots of dicking and totally is getting off on helping the men enjoy each other. Sometimes the vacation never needs to end. Eliza Eves is very excited. A former boyfriend of hers she had met while vacationing in Russia a couple of years ago now lives in the US. Now Eliza is with her new boyfriend Ricky Larkin but he is an open minded swinger so she invites Russian Tony Sting over for the evening. When Ricky discovers Tony had spent a year in prison back in Russia for homosexuality he can't help but feel for the guy. This was the man who opened Eliza's eyes to the wonders of bisexual love so seeing that Tony has not had sex in well over a year since he escaped Russia she asks Ricky if he can help out. Damn right Ricky is down. This man needs some cock and pussy. So later that night when Tony was resting, Ricky came down to invite him up to his room. Eliza and him lie down naked with pussy and cock out for Tony. Now this is how you greet a foreigner with open arms. Tony gets right in the middle enjoying both wonderful treats and soon is buried balls deep in sweet wet pussy while sharing a cock sickle with his former girlfriend. The pleasure for Tony only heats up when Ricky starts fucking his ass and soon the three are doing some nice bisexual stack moves with Tony getting the best seat in the house -- right in the middle. Ass full of cock and dick deep in cunt. Now that is pleasure. Welcome to America Tony.

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