Birchington Manor

Released at: July 13, 2007 by Strictly English
Lord Birchington is away travelling and it seems that some of the staff at Birchington Manor are taking advantage of his absence. Fortunately Arthur, the groundsman, is very observant and keeps Mr. Edwards, the estate manager, well informed of the female staff's bad behaviour. As a result, Sophie the stable girl and Kate the maid come in for plenty of spankings from both Mr. Edwards and Arthur. The poor girls even get punished by Lord Birchington's secretary, Lisa. Unfortunately for Lisa, Mr. Edwards take a dim view of anyone usurping his authority, so after he has given all three girls the cane, Lisa is made an example of and gets an additional twelve hard strokes of the famous Birchington Birch. Birchington Manor 1 is the first episode of the infamous Birchington saga which was filmed entirely on location at a country estate deep in the English countryside.

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