Black Street Hookers 45

Released at: November 18, 2002 by T.T. Boy Productions
Cum join T.T. Boy on the streets of L.A. to round up some of the finest pussy around! Meet all the hookers: Lovely, a cute little Janet look-alike who wants money...and more money! Myoko, TV dance showgirl sweet and cute. Kiwi, huge real tits, just 19 from San Bernardino, acts like she's proper...but she's a real whore and a good fuck! Veronica, fine bitch but that's it, daddy's little girl just got pimped. Kayance, 5'0"tall southern belle who loves fucking, just in from Tennessee. Red, Sweet little hood rat with a ghetto ass, she's nasty. Keisha, slim & trim with natural tits & puffy wet pussy she says she likes girls. HT's still tracking and flushing out the finest ho's out of their hiding spots, so you can see what money does to their sweet little ho asses!

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