Bobby Hollander's Breast Worx #18

Released at: November 11, 2020 by LBO
TITS! Some guys can handle them really well - others are, well... BOOBS!! Dr. Chessie submits her humungous 'feelgoods' to an examination by Hans - a patient with his own sizzling bedside manner. Hans uses his universal instrument as both a tongue depressor and rectal thermometer much to Chessies's delight. Bob is no boob when it comes to Mona's mammaries. He's a regular rider on the Hooterville trolley - and he's on for the long, hard, smooth ride. Mona is engineered for top performance and Bob loves to perform with both her top and bottom ends. Give a couple of top-heavy babes a pair of brooms and have them sweep up the studio. When the honeys in question are Sake and Greta, you can bet they'll get themselves swept up in some really dirty goings on. Watch them really cum clean!

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