Bound Bellies - Licked & Slurped

Released at: April 12, 2011 by Urge Alliance
Cory Chase is as sexy as they come in our Perverted world. Wearing the Butterfly Compelled Orgasm Clit Vibrator we bound her to the workout bench and explored her delicious soft white Belly. One look at how smooth and luscious her belly button is and you will want to cum all over it. Cory's Belly is flat and stretched as she lay there helpless. The vibrator is quiet but STRONG as her attention os constantly diverted from her belly getting fingered, her clit getting hammered, and her desire to suck on Victoria's tit as this all happens......... Vanessa is telling you to get your ass over here and eat her Belly out. That is an order. She loves it when a guy sticks his tongue in there and slurps her belly hole until her pussy gets all wet. Then she begs for the magic fingers to get in the act and finger her hard up inside on her G-Spot. The sensation is amazing when they both are combined. It's one of the adult fetish pleasures Vanessa is starting to figure out as she fucks more and more. The regular shit just does not do it anymore and scenes like this are what drives her to her masturbate when she is home alone. We are just getting started with Vanessa......buckle up girl.

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Cory Chase

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