Brazzers Worldwide: Budapest

Released at: July 28, 2016 by Brazzers
Scott Nails and Kieran Lee have fucked more than their fair share of American pussy. Now they're heading to Budapest, the MUFF capital of the world and home to some of the most beautiful (and horny!) women you'll ever see! It's also home to Christoph, a very eccentric and pervy documentary filmmaker who offers to show them around and hook them up with hotties on one condition: that he be allowed to film their every move, especially when they fuck! So begins part 1 of an odyssey of fucking, hilarity and plenty of sexy accents... **The Cocks Have Landed** Scott and Kieran arrive in Budapest and are greeted by a couple of horny Euro babes. Scott kicks Kieran out of the car, leaving him stranded while he gets the blowjob of his life. Kieran gets his revenge by fucking the voluptuous Dominno. **Blowjob Roulette** Scott and Kieran host a special "casting session" with 10 of the most beautiful women in Budapest. They're going to get down and dirty with some of the deepest throating you've ever seen! One by one, these sluts suck our heroes off with the winner receiving a very special prize! **Fucking On The First Date** In an attempt to allude the cameras, the foursome breaks off into couples, but still, Christoph manages to track down each pair, reminding them of the trip's cardinal rule: they can fuck all they want... so long as he's there to film! **I Cock Blocked The Pizza Boy** The foreign fun continues as the boys decide to try their hand at producing their own porn. Things go from bad to downright awful as Scott's directorial debut turns into a comedy of errors, but the fucking more than makes up for the shoddy production values.

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