Breath Of A Salesman

Released at: February 4, 2014 by Roman Video
Part 1: Mia Domore is back with a vengeance with her two sexy Latina friends to Smother, dominate and trample slave Alan into oblivion!! She teaches her sexy friends Princess and Honey (both with incredible BUBBLE BUTTS!) to SMOTHER, FACESIT and dominate wimpy Alan who lies to Mia in an online chat room! All 3 girls begin to SMOTHER him, taking turns smothering him, using all their weight and keeping him down for REALLY LONG periods of time! Watch as they sandwich his face between their asses and sit on each others shoulders full INTENSE FULL WEIGHT SMOTHERING! Mia loves using a guys face to get off so she shows the other girls how to use a guys face to pleasure themselves. WATCH THEM TAKE TURNS CUMMING ON THE SLAVES FACE and trampling this pathetic wannabe surfer with their high heels and barefeet, standing on him all at once, walking over his head and crushing his dick! Look up and see their hot wet pussies coming down at you! Part 2: Hot, JEANS AND NUDE FACESITTING by sexy Calli Cox and her sexy friend Belladonna (aka Buttmans Buttwoman)! Watch as Calli smothers slave Bubba with her jeans on, calling her boyfriend on the phone and filing her nails while discussing their plans for the night, all the while controlling Bubbas every breath! After she returns with her friend Mistress Belladonna, they both SMOTHER HIM WITH THEIR JEANS ON then COMPLETELY NUDE (FORWARD AND REVERSE) telling him how good they just got fucked, MAKING OUT WHILE SMOTHERING HIM! Watch them use his face for extended, FULL WEIGHT, INTENSE FACESITTING where his face becomes bright red! These two Mistresses totally BREAK Bubba into accepting his new position in life their cuckold! Bubba struggles at first, but after 15 minutes he BREAKS psychologically begging for more! Incredible ass worship scene takes you where the slave is as they SMOTHER YOU! Watch as they butt crunch his head as they crush it together with their asses telling you to stick their head in between it! Hot 2 girl equestrian riding with Calli and Belladonna riding him around like their ponyboy, making him go around and around until the have an EXPLOSIVE ORGASM ON HIS BACK and until he COLLAPSES from total exhaustion!

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Scene1: 00:01:35 - 00:29:26 (27:51)


Scene2: 00:29:27 - 00:59:57 (30:30)