Carmen Goes South

Released at: March 12, 2008 by Wicked Pictures
Welcome to The Carmen Hart Show, a reality based program where that focused on the life of celebrity hottie, Carmen Hart. The show was canceled shortly after Carmen's disappearance in 2007. Carmen had hosted a contest where the lucky winner would receive a personal visit from the sexy star. Carmen made good on her promise and visited the contest winner in the back woods of Texas. She and her faithful assistant soon find themselves amongst a family of misfits. The humorously deranged sex workers provide plenty of southern hospitality for the duo. But things get really strange when she finally meets the actual contest winner. Tune in and find out what happens next! **~~PLEASE NOTE: The bonus scene mentioned on the box cover is not offered here. You can find the scene with Carmen Hart and Voodoo in the movie "Fired." ~~ **

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