Released at: March 6, 2007 by Ninn Worx
2006 AVN Award Winner for Best Art Direction - Video

Imagine a place where time has the least significance. Terms like "past" and "present" occupy a meaningless position. Remembering what was, or imagining what will be, becomes an intellectual exercise at best. If the mind itself develops the power to bite, to drive sexual desire, and to seek its own liberation, what does it matter where "real" begins and "imaginary" recedes? In the delicate moment before we awaken, our mind reaches its full expansion. Dreams control our lives, and reality bends to our wishes. Katharina - the story of a ghostly woman - the story of a woman who is haunted.

Michael Ninn shatters time and space, assaulting the senses with sound and imagery whose sole purpose is to TURN YOU ON....Catherine will be long remembered as an example of the heights that can be reached with a real director at the helm - Mark Kernes AVN

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