Chicas Locas In East L.A. 3

Released at: June 11, 2012 by Third World Media
Los Angeles is filled with young hispanic chicks who are aspiring to be models and many will do whatever it takes to make their way into the limelight. This edition Featuring 6 Fresh and Piping Hot Tamales from the LA Barrios who come to Joe Pusher to help fast track their careers.

directed by Joe Pusher

Teresa is originally from Mexico but she calls LA her home now. She comes to Joe's car and within the first 5 minutes she is butt naked and on her knees with her huge titties hanging in Joe's face. He orders her to start sucking his cock while he plays with her two torpedo tits, as her ass cheeks leave their imprint on his passenger glass. She sucks some nut and then sucks up a thick Joe load in her mouth.

Melanie is super cute and hails from LA. She is tall and slim and has a winning smile. She needs to make some money and gives her permission to Joe to do what it takes to get her ready for stardom. She strips down showing off her round booty and round fake tits. Her skin is white and her body is tight and in 1 swift swoop she drops to her knees and sucks Joe's cock to learn to be a super model. She mad sucks his rod and nibbles on his balls before backing her bottom onto his pole for a jamming. Joe works her over, makes her do some PTM and some anal too. She goes ATM before taking a giant load all over pretty face. She passed her audition with flying colors.

Linda is a pretty Latina from LA. She is a young MILF with thick butt cheeks, thunder thighs and a deep ass crack too. Her pussy lips are big and hungry for cock, as is her mouth too which starts to put a shine on Joe's ride. She jerks his bird and puts her tongue all over his scrotum before getting coated with with a monster facial that completely coats her face, her eyes, her hair, her mouth and possibly up her nose too.

Mina has a thick round ass and hails from Las Vegas. Joe is on vacation in Vegas and meets up with this wanna-be fuck Latina slut. She dolls herself up and then gets on all fours in front of the room window for the entire city to see. Joe drops his meat in her mouth and gives her some nut to suck on before ratcheting off a monster jizz jam that coats her hair, face and glasses too.

Jessica is a bright blonde white Latina who has come to get her ass fucked by Joe Pusher. Her legs are strong and muscular and her ass is thick and pretty. Her tits are large, fake and round but she has a very pretty face and is a very horny Ventura county girl. Joe wastes no time penetrating her shit box and then feeding her a hefty taste of her ass juices off of his stick. He lays down and she turns around to use her pussy this time to fuck Joe's dick. Her thick butt cheeks and thighs slap Joe's body, before he turns her around, tames her shit box once more before blowing a wad in her mouth and on her face for good measure.

Vivian has a massive set of tits and is outside in the yard with Joe Pusher topless. Her tits are some of the biggest around and this girl knows she is lucky to have them because her face itself is not so hot. She knows becoming a model requires a lot of cock sucking and thats what she does outside to Joe's dick. They move back inside and she continues to suck away before taking off her panties, spreading her slice and vaginally vacuuming up Joe's pipe. Its not long before they switch to her back door and her young virgin ass easily swallows his entire shaft. She does the ATM and then gets a massive load blown in her mouth. She is surprised with the amount of cum and nearly gags, but does properly handle it, despite spilling some on the carpet.

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