Christina Sapphire's Late Delivery

Released at: June 1, 2022 by Cobalt Keys Studio
I've spent the whole day at the office waiting for the delivery boy and when Mr. Nuttz shows up late I decide he'll make it up to me with an extra special delivery in the back room. He protests but he's been calling me Ms. Ballbreaker instead of Ms. Brubaker so I know he's been thinking about what I can do to him. First I'm going to make him eat my pussy and sit on his face until I cum all over it. Then I'm going to take out his big black cock and tease it with my long tongue and red lips, and suck on his balls until precum starts leaking. When I'm good and ready I'll lay on my back so he can slide his thick BBC into my creamy pussy and cum some more. A few minutes in doggy style and I'll flip back over so I can watch his face as he delivers a huge creampie! I'm not sorry everyone else is going to get their packages late...I'm going to need him to give me special deliveries every day!

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