Cliffside Anal with Betty Luxxx

Released at: January 28, 2023 by Only3x
Here we are again on the stunning cliffs of Tenerife. What else do we have here? Oh yes, Betty Luxxx getting super horny in the sportscar. This usually means one thing. We are going to see something extraordinary! And that will be her having some fun. Her partner this time is Stefan Steel. Betty starts off by showing her womanly qualities such as her nice body and perky tits. That fishnet dress she wears barely hides anything from the eye. But I guess for a girl like herself it is not the goal anyways. When our guy appears, her first thing to do is to start suck his cock. That is right before he stuffs his dong into her meaty pussy. And after some classic pussy fuck - they are jumping right into something more extraordinary. Ass that is. Betty opens her asshole wide to fit that cock in for some anal sex. Both enjoy some good old anal pounding with such scenery but the climax is just coming up. Betty on her knees waiting for the rain of cum she gets from the penis of Stefan. All lands on her face and some gets in her mouth. She tastes it, and swallows it. Nothing better than the juices of that cock just recently in her ass! Big smile shows the end of this scene. Until we meet again!

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