CrashPadSeries Volume 5: The Revolving Door

Released at: January 9, 2017 by Pink and White Productions
Award-winning director Shine Louise Houston once again opens the door to, where anything can happen if you're lucky enough to be given a key! CrashPad Series Volume 5: Revolving Door features a broad range of queer identities, including queer women, femmes and butches, trans men, lesbian sexuality and genderqueer expression for all kinds of hot action - it's passionate, intense, tender, and edgy. Cyd and James' first porn scene! Hot sex by-and-for queer folks, from San Francisco's own indy/feminist director Shine Louise Houston. Includes: CrashPad Episode 35: Mickey Mod and Syd Blakovich CrashPad Episode 36: August and Stacey Staxxx CrashPad Episode 37: Cyd and Red Jackhammer CrashPad Episode 40: Rex and Scarlett Chaos CrashPad Episode 44: Julie Warren and Kuma

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