Cuckold Birthday Party

Released at: July 30, 2005 by Lakeview Entertainment
This 54 minute action packed film features the beautiful Mistress Amber and gorgeous Mistress Mandi in an unforgettable performance that features cuckolding, humiliation, smothering, lactation, hot wax and heavy cock and ball tease and bondage. Two outfit changes by both Mistresses. The action opens with a close up of Mistress Amber's soiled panties, stained with Her lovers cum. These are fully inserted into 'cucky's mouth for him to rinse clean as they humiliate him. Mistress Mandi produces a condom containing Her boyfriends cum and they cut the tip and feed it to him. The Ladies proceed to torment his cock and nipples and then he is moved to the bench and fastened face up. Mistress Amber fastens many small weights to his balls which are bound with a locked steel ring. Mistress Mandi smothers him and crops his nipples before taking Her turn between his legs. One of his birthday presents turns out to be a new toilet brush which they use to fuck his cock with between the sharp bristles. As his cries increase, he is smothered into silence below both gorgeous asses. Both Mistresses crush and stand on his sore balls with their spike heels. Hot wax is dripped on the cock shaft. He is released and performs foot worship and then ass worship on Mistress Amber as Mistress Mandi hand milks him into a black plate. He is then compelled down to consume his load.

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