Damsel In Distress 1054 - Party Girl

Released at: August 10, 2020 by Red MILF Productions

Rich girl Misty had the house to herself while her parents were away in Europe. She phoned her friends and invited them over for a party. Tweets about the event ended up being sent to people she did not even know. One of these was Jesse: a young man out for a good time. He called at Misty's house several hours before the party was to start. But Misty was unimpressed upon seeing him. Jesse was just an annoying, would-be gatecrasher to her. Haughtily she told him to get lost, then shut the door in his face. Outside, Jesse stood stunned and angry. He had been snubbed by rich girls before. But this last experience caused him to snap. Now he wanted get revenge for the way he had been treated. He hurried back home and collected a hoody-mask, a length of cord, and a chemically-soaked rag. Returning to Misty's house, he prowled around it until he found an unlocked door, and sneaked inside. In the bathroom he put on the mask and prepared the cord and rag for use. Misty was sat on the living room couch when he came out. She was happily musing about her upcoming party - blissfully unaware of the danger she was in. As she got up and headed for the stairwell, Jesse sprang upon her from behind. Misty screamed and struggled, but Jesse's strong arms contained her. His free hand pressed the rag over her mouth. It stifled her sounds of distress while leaving her no choice but to inhale its chemical fumes. Misty whimpered and squirmed a moment longer. Then her eyes rolled back, the lids closed, and her legs gave out. She fell into a deep, dreamless resting state. After lowering Misty's limp body to the floor, Jesse dragged her along under her arms and then lifted her onto the couch. He lay her on her back and methodically removed her dress and underwear. He spent a moment fondling and mauling her naked, defenseless flesh before putting her in a sitting position and tightly binding her wrists with his cord. Jesse had no fear of being interrupted. The party was still some hours away.

A gentle slap of the face brought Misty round. Eyes flashing wide with fear and shock, she began again to scream. Jesse clamped his hand over her mouth and advised her to shut up for her own safety. Misty was successfully intimidated. She nodded her obedience - telling him to do whatever he wanted with her, and begging him not to do her any harm. Jesse responded by giving her pussy a exposed pussy a little spanking that made her whimper. He was determined to humiliate this rich girl. Quickly he took off his pants and boxers and knelt over her so that he could thrust his hard cock straight in to her mouth. Misty grimaced, but she was helpless. Dutifully she let Jesse fuck back and forth between her lips. After that Jesse spread her legs wide and pushed them back so that he could take her and deep in the missionary position. He rammed his cock in to Misty in sharp, rapid strokes, making her exclaim out. Her bound arms strained futilely above her head. The sofa shook. Next he stretched Misty out on her belly, then fucked her from on top. By now the rich girl's hair was matted, and her face gleamed with sweat. The ruthless Jesse was making a mess of her. Again the vigor of his pounding was evident. Misty's body was bounced off - and squashed upon - the cushions as he fucked down into her with all his weight and strength behind him. Following that he wrestled Misty back in the missionary position, hauled her up over his lap, and gave her well-violated pussy one last pounding that made her moan and whimper in equal measure. Finally, he made her get him off with some more cock-sucking. When he was ready to blow his load, he targeted it at Misty's face and mouth. She grimaced as it all came out - covering her lips and cheeks and giving her a thick white cum-moustache. In the aftermath, Jesse stood arrogantly stroking his well spent cock while grinning at her. He had had his revenge. Soon he would disappear, never to be caught. Meanwhile, Misty sobbed and trembled. Her ordeal had ruined her. There would be no happy party for her tonight. Or ever again.

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