Damsel In Distress 1186 - Mob Leverage

Released at: August 11, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
achel was the wife of an ambitious District Attorney bent on bringing down a notorious mob boss. One day she was standing in her driveway, taking some shopping from the trunk of her car, when a van suddenly pulled up and a man in a creepy skull-design mask leaped out and grabbed her. Rachel managed a brief scream of terror before her attacker clamped a hand over her mouth, dragged her over to the van, and bundled her inside. Next he tied the distressed woman's hands behind her back, gagged her mouth with a kerchief, and blindfolded her. Meanwhile, a second masked man serving as getaway driver stepped on the gas and raced the van from the scene. Hours later, it arrived at the garage of an isolated and unoccupied house. There the two men got out and went to lift Rachel from the van's trunk - where she had been moved during the journey. Desperately scared, Rachel lay struggling against her bonds, striving with her all might to break free. Yet it was all in vain. The men enjoying seeing how disheveled her clothes had become. Her skirt rode so up that her hose-clad thighs and butt were clearly visible. After watching her a while, they lifted her up - one holding her by the feet, the other under her arms - and carried her into the house. Rachel sobbed through her gag the whole time. She had no idea where she was, or what the men wanted with her. But the answers were not long in coming. In a rec room, the men made Rachel sit down, focused a video camera on her, and set it rolling. While her unhappy plight was being thus recorded, they presented a message to the camera - specifically for the attention of Rachel's husband. All was then revealed. The pair were hired goons performing a task for their boss - that same man whom the DA had been going after. after. Their instructions had been to snatch his wife and use that as leverage to make him leave the mob boss alone. He had 24 hours to let them know his decision - via a cryptic ad posted in the classified section of the local newspaper. Should he fail to do so, the two men would immediately start doing unpleasant things to his wife. Their message over, the men sent it on to the DA, then waited on his answer. But it never came. Rachel was horrified when she found out. She had been worrying incessantly since she had been snatched from her home. Not once had the men relieved her of her blindfold or gag or bindings during her imprisonment . But now things stood to get much, much worse for her. Indeed, as soon as the men saw that the DA had failed to deliver, they set the camera rolling on Rachel again, then prepared to give her a first taste of mistreatment. From the moment they had laid eyes on her, both men had been struck by what a sexy, buxom woman she was. It was no wonder then that they started out by running their hands over her - fondling her breasts through her blouse, and running their hands up her legs and under her skirt. The experience was hellish for Rachel. She wept, and writhed to escape the men's touch, but it was all to no avail. Presently, they made her get down on to her knees and removed her gag. Then one of the men pulled out his cock and shoved it between her resisting lips. His hand on the back of her head made certain that she took him deep. While this sucking went on and on for Rachel, the other man addressed the camera once more. He told the DA that he had only himself to blame for the defilement that his wife was undergoing. If he didn't wish for her to suffer more, he had better post the ad agreeing to lay off the boss. Again the man gave him 24 hours to act. As an extra incentive, he hinted that he and his partner might go after his nubile step-daughter next. But, incredibly, the DA still didn't respond. This led to another filmed session of Rachel being horribly violated. It began with the men making her kneel and take turns sucking their cocks. Moan and protest as she might, there was no getting out of it. She had to lick and deep-throat the pair with as much skill and sensuality as she could - in spite of the fact that she hated every moment of it. Later, the men bent her over a footstool, lifted her skirt, and tore open her pantyhose to expose her butt and her pantiless pussy. She told them that she would do whatever they wanted if they would let her go. After one of the men had fingered her deeply and roughly for a while, he rolled her on to her back, and started fucking her missionary style. What followed was a relentless pounding unlike anything the good wife had known before. She cried and moaned as her defenselessly pussy took one hard cock-thrust after another. Still with her blindfold on, she felt increasing agony at not knowing anything about the man who was fucking her. Adding insult to injury were the man's own mocking comments. Several times he taunted that she was enjoying his cock more than her husband's. After all, the DA must really be a noodle-dicked looser to let himself be made a cuckold in this way. Much to her shame, Rachel even had moments where she moaned in unwanted pleasure from her ravishment. Sometime after, the man placed her on her hands and knees, made her stick her butt up, and took her from behind. This time Rachel's body clearly betrayed her. Receiving his cock to the deepest and sweetest point yet in her pussy, she let out a series of intense, low groans. Yet even more was to come - with the other man stepping into replace his partner and enjoying his opportunity to fuck Rachel doggy-style. While he was pounding away at pussy from behind, the other man knelt in front of her and shoved his cock in her mouth. And so Rachel got totally fucked from both end at the same time. Then the man doing the doggy-style honors pulled out and blasted his cum all over her hose-clad butt. Rachel continued sucking off the other man a while longer - almost eagerly, it seemed. But this certainly wasn't the case when the man followed his partner’s example and delivered up his cum. It shot right into Rachel's open mouth, flooding over tongue and cascading down over her lips and chin. This last degradation brought her back to her senses, and she began to sob at the knowledge of the dreadful, depraved ordeal that she had just been put through. The men, however, were far from moved. As the camera continued to roll on the sordid scene, they wondered what they could do to her next - should the stubborn DA let them down again.

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