Damsel In Distress 1216 - Bat Gurl Auctioned

Released at: August 18, 2020 by Red MILF Productions

Madame Rachel Steele is one of the city's wealthiest and most ruthless crime bosses. In her luxury stronghold she is conducting a lucrative narcotics sale. A man hands her a bag containing millions or dollars in cash, and she is about to give him a suitcase full of dope when an alarm sounds. Checking her security monitor, Rachel feels a surge of rage. There on its screen is Bat Gurl - the city's brave young crusader - making her way into the stronghold. The time is all too convenient in Rachel's opinion. Somebody must have tipped her off about the deal. Immediately she suspects that the man in front of her could be an undercover cop. Although he puts his hands up and pleads innocence, it is all in vain. Rachel pulls out a piece and dispatches him with a couple of shots. Next she gets on the phone and tells a guard to take Bat Gurl unharmed. Rachel is already scheming again - thinking that the superheroine would fetch a pretty penny it sold on the slave market. Meanwhile, Bat Gurl has gotten inside Rachel's stronghold and is searching her out. When a burly guard steps in her way and tries to halt her advance, she readily engages him in combat. Her speed, agility and impressive repertoire of kicks and punches overwhelm the oaf and leave him helplessly beaten on the floor. Shortly after, she and Rachel meet in a tense showdown. Words are exchanged, and the two women wind up in a feisty fight. Bat Gurl eventually gains the upper hand, but as she attempts to handcuff the outraged Rachel, a young man sneaks up behind her wielding a baseball bat. He is Lenny - Rachel's cowardly, clumsy, and equally villainous son. He swings the bat at the young crusader, but misses her completely. Instantly she responds by kicking him in the groin so that he doubles up and collapses. But the distraction proves costly for Bat Gurl as Rachel suddenly recovers, grabs her from behind, and smothers her with a soaked towel. Bat Gurl struggles valiantly, but she is already fatigued from her two fights. Slackening in the arms of her foe, she is lowered to the floor - where she just lies there. Afterwards, Rachel caresses the fallen superheroine and remarks on what a fine prize she has netted. Soon Bat Gurl shall become one of her hottest-ever sex-slaves. Later a recorded video is streamed on a secret online feed for the underground criminal community. It shows Bat Gurl lying blindfolded and motionless on a bed. Clearly she has not yet wakened. She is still in full costume, but her belt has been removed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, the victorious Rachel explains to her viewers that, as a punishment for her constant thwarting of criminal interests, Bat Girl is going be auctioned off as a slave. The winner of the auction will get to spend an hour with her - using her in whatever he desires.

Hours later, and Bat Gurl is tied, spread-eagled, and positioned stomach down on the bed. Most of her costume has been stripped away. Yet she still wears her boots, gloves, and mask. Around her neck is a slave's collar has been attached. Promptly, Lenny XXXX his beautiful, naked and hapless prisoner to give him another blow job - one that is every bit as satisfying and sensual as the first. Then he gets behind her and commences to give her a tremendous doggy-style fucking. As he does so, he reaches out and harshly gags her with his hand. Bat Gurl moans and sobs in to his palm. When she gets a chance to speak, she roundly curses her violator and promises to make him pay. For a finale to the long ravishing, Lenny blasts a huge load of cum across Bat Girl s back and over her butt - leaving the superheroine disgusted and angry. But even then her ordeal is not over. Later, she is made to lap-dance for Lenny while he sits naked in a chair. By now, though still lacking the main of her outfit, Bat Girl has been permitted to wear her cape and utility belt. Lenny is so dumb that he thinks the belt harmless just because he emptied the pouches. Deliberately Bat Girl moves her body in a highly sexy and erotic fashion to put him fully off guard. Then, as she presses herself against Lenny, she slips the belt off and places it over his head as if were a big necklace. A split-second after, she hits a button on the belt, causing it to give off an electric surge that leaves Lenny senseless. Next we see Rachel and her son tied up with their arms hanging from the ceiling and their legs spread apart. They are both naked and gagged. Bat Gurl, on the other hand, has put on all of her costume again. She is calm, and in full control of the situation. The auction tape is in her possession and shall never been seen by anyone else. Triumphantly she informs the wicked duo that she s found enough dope in their stronghold to land them a very long prison sentence. However, before she calls the cops, Bat Gurl intends to pay Rachel and Lenny back for their particular brand of hospitality. With that, she begins to tease and , travail the pair. First she fondles Rachel for a while. Then she clamps her hands menacingly around Lenny's cock and squeezes it. The cowardly villains are scared out of their minds. They've never seen a good girl really really mad, and they dread to think what she might have in store for them. In time, Bat Gurl gives Lenny one last magnificent blowjob that he hardly deserves. But she at least a sting in the tail. It comes in the form of a knee delivered very hard into his groin. It will be many months before the young fool thinks of having sex with anyone again. As for Rachel, Bat Gurl decides to give her a pussy ravishing of her own - courtesy of a bat-dildo. The young crusader laughs and Rachel screams out as the plastic cock invades her wet, undefended snatch. How meek she seems now that the tide has turned. And so it was that she and her son were brought down by the city's dark angel - Bat Gurl. The fate they suffered at her hands was such that legend of it spread throughout the criminal underworld. Never again would any of them dare to fuck with her.


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