Damsel In Distress 462 - Wunder Woman And Wunder Gal Fight Henchman

Released at: March 28, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman and Wunder Gal had been tipped off to the location of Dr. 's lair. He had 3 young woman captive. Wunder Woman and Wunder Gal found his hideaway and the empty cages. Wunder Woman followed a path not knowing this would be a trap. When she opened the door a henchman was waiting. He quickly attacked Wunder Woman. She fought him off with her super strength, slamming him into the iron walls. He came back at her and she threw him across the room. The henchman grabbed her lasso and got Wunder Woman around the waist, squeezing all her strength out. He had both of them tied back to back on a table with Wunder Woman lasso. Both heroes were so weak that they were made to suck the henchman's cock. He pulled Wunder Woman's huge Amazon tits out and fingered her pussy. Wunder Woman was disgusted! Wunder gal was also used . The henchman knew the Dr. was watching so he finally covered Wunder Woman with cum, and Wunder Gal too. Wunder Woman was furious. She will get her revenge!

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