Damsel In Distress 590 - Wunder Woman Fucked Twice

Released at: November 17, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman has received a tip on the whereabouts of young Chris Schmidt, the step-son of evil villain Dr. Schmidt. The evil doctor created his step-son years ago by making a superhero have sex, impregnating her with his evil sperm. Chris was the result. He was now of age and his step-father had ordered him to begin his quest. He was to lure super heroes to hide in the lair and impregnate them. Wunder Woman raced to his lair to stop him. She convinced him to talk to her at his home away from the hideout. Christopher explained he had to be drained of his sperm so he would lose the desire. Wunder Woman could not let him do this to an innocent civilian or a superhero. She knew she had to volunteer her body to save the city. They arrived at his home. Wunder Woman again asked if that was the only possible way to stop his urges. He humbly told her it was. Wunder Woman had no choice. He pulled his cock out and Wunder Woman began to suck him. She kept telling him to hurry and release it so it would be done. Christopher was enjoying Wunder Woman at his feet and took his time. She was to be the last of his victims to impregnate according to his fathers list. He told Wunder Woman to do her spin out of her costume to help him along. She did. When she stopped she was dressed in a tiny stars and striped bikini, boots, and red silk stockings. He did that. She lay down as he began to fuck the Amazon princess. Wunder Woman moaned with pleasure and encouraged him to fuck her fast and hard. She was trying to get all of his evil sperm. Young Christopher was ready for his deposit, Wunder Woman jerked his cock asking where the sperm would land. Just as she asked he shot it into her open mouth. Wunder Woman jumped with surprise. He told her to get it all. When it was over Wunder Woman thought he would join her side. Christopher stood laughing, this was all a set up. He had fucked her twice. Literally and figuratively. He and his step-father planned for this to happen. Now he was ready to find young woman and superheroes to impregnate. Wunder Woman, naked and cum covered from the shock.

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