Damsel In Distress 633 - Sucking The Sultan

Released at: April 2, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
The Sultan is a very powerful man and Stacie Starr is there to interview him. As he lays on his couch Rachel rubs his legs and feet, very obedient and dominated woman. Rachel lectures him on his work ethics and the value of family in this country. He insults her by saying she looks like a prostitute. Meanwhile his servant Rachel goes under his robe to take care of her Master orally. Rachel is ordered to attack Stacie. When she comes to, she realizes she's bound to the chair and then he exposes her big tits. He takes her head and makes her suck his cock. he lays her down and fucks her face with his hard dick. The Sultan finger fucks her before fucking her from behind. Then she must stroke his cock. Fucks her in the missionary position then Stacie sucks him off until he gives her a facial.

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