Dare Dorm #32

Released at: February 26, 2018 by Reality Kings
**Just Winning** Summer, Penelope, Lily, Jaye and Haley were celebrating their big softball victory. They were the champs. Luckily in the locker room they got all naked. It's good to see naked champs kissing their trophy. Then they went for the pussies and tried to form a circle so every pussy could be licked at the same time. One of the girls had a vibrator in her locker. Turns out all of them did. So they started to play with the vibrators until they found two strap ons. The strap ons were amazing as they went anal. **So Busted** Marina Woods was sucking her boyfriends dick in her dorm room. When he was more than hard she let him fuck her from the back, his two buddies were passing by the dorm room and heard the moaning, they decided to join the party and entered the room. Two girls appeared out of nowhere but they seemed to like each other and started to kiss. **Buck Wild** In this dorm room we had 4 hotties just hanging in their sexy underwear with some snow caps and scars on. Kara was throwing a lil winter themed party since she had a snow machine. The girls were having a blast hanging out and talking about sex. They got really loud at one point while jumping on the beds and their neighbor came wandering in. He saw what was going on and wanted in.

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