Dark Angel Gets Shaved

Released at: May 4, 2005 by Evyl Amateurs
Dark Angel comes back and we talk for a few minutes about how we are going to shave her snatch. She undresses for us and gets ready to have a bald pussy. I trim the excess pubic hair with an electric razor and then lather her up for some razor action. A bit more trimming, some more lather, and this babe is totally clean shaven! She kind of looks at her newly bald pussy and plays with it for a bit before exclaiming how she loves it and it feels really great! After she is bald and dries off a bit, I give her a dildo to play with and marvel as she tells me she has NEVER used one before! We get to watch her explore her newly shaved twat with this new toy and makes herself cum a couple of times. This babe is loud and does not hesitate to let you know if it feels good! After she has cum a couple of times, I need a blow job so I walk up to her and feed her my cock. She doesn't hesitate to swallow it all and gives me head like a hungry animal! As she is sucking me, I keep hearing her moan like she is cumming. I ask her and she tells me that, YES, she can cum just from sucking cock! After I stop fucking her throat and sit her down, she keeps cumming just sitting there! This girl loves to suck cock so much that she can come multiple times just from having a cock in her mouth and throat! Needless to say, it is amazing to watch this girl go after my rod before I decide I need to fuck the shit out of her... I put her on her knees with her ass sticking out and plow her from behind as she moans and cums all over me. I put her on her back and go even deeper and have her practically screaming in ecstasy before I have her mount me and ride me for a while. I take her off of me and have her suck her cunt juice off my shaft while I sit on the couch. I make her take all of me down her throat and she starts to gag a bit but comes some more just from sucking me! When I know I am starting to get close, I mount her from behind again and start to play with that tight little asshole of hers. I get her good and worked up before I pound my cock in her ass for a hot anal scene that leaves her screaming for more! Just before I blow my nut, I pull it out of her ass and have her sit in front of me. I spew a load of cum that I am still proud of to this day as I cover this babes face with my hot man juices and leave her gasping for air and cumming as she sits and wipes the cum from her face. This video is 88 minutes of some totally hot interracial amateur action. Enjoy this babe. I know I sure did!

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