Denni O: Amateur Sluts & Real Swingers 19

Released at: May 30, 2020 by Sticky Video
Naughty Alysha is joined by Amazing Ty, Jasmine and Heather in an all girl masturbation session, other-wise known as a circle jerk in a more masculine setting. The girls gather for an outdoor pussy pounding session by arranging a circle of chairs and showing off for each other as they bring themselves to lots of wet juicy orgasms. They gape their cave sized-holes so you can see their cum ooze from inside their hot cunts. Alysha squirts all over the other girls when she cums loudly over and over. The other girls appreciate her plethora of girl juice and follow suit. When the chairs are arranged on the patio for a little two by two action, the action really heats up. The girls roll from orgasm to orgasm and their expansive cunts take fingers and toys in their quest to satisfy their deep urges to be soundly fucked. These hot sluts know how to make a pussy purr and take turns working on each other's deep passion pits. After probing each other's cunts to get them ready for the onslaught of some really big rubber, the girls all take up positions on the end of super giant double dongs. This brings their moans to a crescendo as they all cum together again and again. You will be AMAZED as Amazing Ty shows the other girls how she likes to have her urethra stretched to really get off. She puts he fingers and toys deep inside her peehole and cums buckets for her captivated audience. If you like your women real nasty with big natural tits, then you will enjoy Naughty Alysha fucking herself in a big tub, while dreaming of big black cocks. See the world's most extreme bi girls doing thins you've only read about! When these girls are bad they do it really good!

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