Dirty Blonde

Released at: May 5, 2005 by Video X Pix
The great manhunt is on! It's a search for the perfect bed partner - Terri and Roxanne want him now... and ten minutes after that. Cheri wants him too, and she won't leave a stone unturned nor a fly unzipped to find him. Danielle is hot on the trail and when Danielle is hot she's hot. She'll find him even if she has to drain every drop of love juice along the way. As you can see these gals won't be denied when it comes to their pleasures... and each of them is a real Dirty Blonde. For reasons of her own, Honey Wilder Speeds the search for this red hot lover and for reasons of her own. Sharon Mitchelle impedes the search for the red hot lover. In their search, these hot and horny lovies take the measure of all the large calibre male members in the country. Dirty Blonde!

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