Diviyne's Photo Shoot

Released at: July 12, 2022 by Desert Wind Videos
The old man sure does love those young, tiny ebony girls. Diviyne is neither tiny or young but a very hot MILF. He has done some photo shoots with her before and they kind of got out of hand when both of them had a little sexual play going on. He is determined that he wants to keep it more professional this time. Well he could have if she did not have such busy fingers. Well he lasted about five minutes and she soon has his cock out of his shorts and is sucking away. They go into the bedroom to get some more photos and they are all over each other. She gets right to work on his kind of soft, small cock but it feels great to him. She ends up on top of him and he licks her pussy and then for the best part gets his tongue on her asshole, OMG does she like that. A lot more cock sucking and the 89 year old man has her give him a nice oily handjob. He gives her the camera and starts rubbing his cock and sure enough he has a nice climax and even a little cum.. Hey, he is old.

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